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Ventilation and air conditioning plants - Controlled residential ventilation including heat recovery - Planning, installation, operation and maintenance

ÖNORM H 6038: 2019 11 01

Withdrawn: 2020 02 15


The present Austrian Standard covers the planning of ambient air requirements, air diffusion, fire prevention and protection measures, acoustic insulation measures, monitoring and control, execution and approval, operation and maintenance of controlled apartment airing systems. This scope has not been amended, enlarged or limited compared to the latest version of ÖNORM H 6038. Only an adaptation of the designations for filter classes according to ÖNORM EN ISO 16890-series has been carried out, and a so-called conversion table has been introduced which enables a comparison between "old" and "new" filter class designations as well as reference to EU Regulation 1253/2014 and to EU Regulation 1254/2014 has been established. Since this designation has no impact on the above-mentioned planning, assembling, operation and maintenance of ventilation systems, the coherence of the Austrian Standard is still effective. Furthermore, there is a transition period until the moment when the filters according to the withdrawn ÖNORM EN 779, which has been superseded by the ÖNORM EN ISO 16890-series, cannot be used any more.

Product type: draft standard
Pages: 27
Language: D
ICS Groups: 91.140.30
Sections: Building services engineering & equipment, Ventilation and air-conditioning systems, Ventilation and air-conditioning systems
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