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Intelligente Verkehrssysteme - Urbane ITS - Steuerung in einer "kontrollierten Zone" unter Verwendung von C-ITS (CEN/TS 17380:2019)

ONR CEN/TS 17380: 2019 12 01


This document provides information and specifications enabling management of road traffic in controlled zones applying geofencing. Specifically, this document provides — a “Controlled Zone Data Dictionary” (CZDD) for management of controlled zones providing an extendible toolkit that regulators can use e.g. to inform potential CZ users, e.g. vehicles, about — the CZ area, i.e. the geographical boundaries of the CZ; — CZ access conditions including exempts; — time windows indicating when these CZ access conditions are applicable, allowing the potential CZ users to select an appropriate routing, either by pre-trip planning or ad hoc re-routing, — and illustrations and guidelines on how to use this toolkit. The toolkit is designed in compliance with the general ITS station and communications architecture specified in ISO 21217, and optionally applicable C-ITS protocols and procedures, e.g. ISO 22418:2018 on “Service Announcement”, EN ISO 18750 on the “Local Dynamic Map”, and EN ISO 17419 on globally unique identifiers. Enforcement is out of scope of this document.


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