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Identifikationskartensysteme - Schnittstelle Mensch - Maschine - Teil 3: Tastenfelder

ÖNORM EN 1332-3: 2019 10 01


This document covers the ergonomic layout and usability of keypads. The keypad may consist of numeric, command and function keys and alphanumeric characters. On the basis that keypad layout impacts performance (keying speed, and errors), this document aims to: — enhance usability; — ensure ease of use through consistency; — increase customer confidence; — reduce customer error; — improve operating time; — ensure ergonomic data entry. This document specifies the arrangement, the number and location of numeric, function and command keys, including placement of alphabetic characters on numeric keys. Design requirements and recommendations are also provided. This document applies to all identification card systems with a numeric keypad for use by the public for stationary or non-stationary devices. This document also covers keypads on touch sensitive devices.

Produkttyp: Normentwurf
Seiten: 20
Sprache: E
ICS Gruppen: 35.240.15
Fachgebiet(e): IT, Kommunikation & Elektronik, Anwendungen der Informationstechnik, Identifikationskarten. Chipkarten. Biometrie
Herausgeber: ON

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