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Luft- und Raumfahrt - Metrologisches Messverfahren für kinematische Felder durch digitale Bildkorrelation

ÖNORM EN 4861: 2019 07 01


This document specifies the monitoring of mechanical tests and inspections performed both at the material (coupon) and at the structural scale by the implementation of kinematic field measurements by digital image correlation. This document describes an in situ method for evaluating the metrological performance of an extensometer system using image correlation for the delivery of displacement fields, and by extrapolation, of deformation fields. It can be implemented prior to the actual start of the test (or inspection). It will inform of the metrological performance in testing conditions. This document allows the metrological performance of the measuring technology to be quantified. The methodology described herein is not to be considered as a calibration step. This reference document does not exhaustively specify the constitutive elements of a generic system of Digital Image Correlation measurement. This reference does not address the measurement of 3D shapes via stereocorrelation systems.

Produkttyp: Normentwurf
Seiten: 38
Sprache: E
ICS Gruppen: 49.020
Fachgebiet(e): Verkehrs- & Transportwesen, Luftfahrttechnik. Raumfahrttechnik, Luft- und Raumfahrzeuge im Allgemeinen
Herausgeber: ON

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