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Petroleum and natural gas industries - Site-specific assessment of mobile offshore units - Part 3: Floating unit (ISO 19905-3:2017)

ÖNORM EN ISO 19905-3: 2019 06 15


This document specifies requirements and gives guidance for the site-specific assessment of mobile floating units for use in the petroleum and natural gas industries. It addresses the installed phase, at a specific site, of manned non-evacuated, manned evacuated and unmanned mobile floating units. This document addresses mobile floating units that are monohull (e.g. ship-shaped vessels or barges); column-stabilized, commonly referred to as semi-submersibles; or other hull forms (e.g. cylindrical/conical shaped). It is not applicable to tension leg platforms. Stationkeeping can be provided by a mooring system, a thruster assisted mooring system, or dynamic positioning. The function of the unit can be broad, including drilling, floatel, tender assist, etc. In situations where hydrocarbons are being produced, there can be additional requirements. The requirements of this document apply to the hull and stationkeeping system for all types of mobile units. The activity specific operating guideline document requirements can be modified to be appropriate to the situation being assessed. This document does not address all site considerations, and certain specific locations can require additional assessment. This document is applicable only to mobile floating units that are structurally sound and adequately maintained, which is normally demonstrated through holding a valid RCS classification certificate. This document does not address design, transportation to and from site, or installation and removal from site.

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Fachgebiet(e): Maschinen- & Anlagenbau, Ausrüstung für die Erdöl- und Erdgasindustrie, Erkundungstechnik. Abbautechnik. Offshore-Bauwerke
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