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Standard Specification for Polyethylene (PE) Large Diameter Profile Wall Sewer and Drain Pipe

ASTM F 894: 2019 02 01


This specification covers requirements and test methods for materials, dimensions, workmanship, ring stiffness, flattening, joint systems, and a form of marking for polyethylene (PE) pipe of profile wall construction and with bell and spigot, heat fusion, extrusion welded or electrofusion joints for use in gravity flow applications, such as for sewers and drains. The PE profile wall pipe products cover six standard ring stiffness constant (RSC) classifications, namely 40, 63, 100, and 160, 250 and 400. These are referred to as RSC 40, RSC 63, RSC 100, RSC 160, RSC 250 and RSC 400. Referee testing, ring stiffness constant testing, flattening test, and joint tightness test shall be performed to meet the requirements prescribed.

Produkttyp: Norm
Seiten: 11
Sprache: E
ICS Gruppen: 23.040.20
Fachgebiet(e): Bauprodukte, Kunststoffrohre, Kunststoffrohre
Herausgeber: ASTM
Suchbegriffe: F894-19

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