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Raumfahrtproduktsicherung - Dauerhaftigkeitsprüfung von Beschichtungen und Oberflächenbehandlungen

ÖVE/ÖNORM EN 16602-70-17: 2018 07 15


This standard specifies requirements for the durability testing of coatings most commonly used for space applications, i.e.: - Thin film optical coatings - Thermo-optical and thermal control coatings (the majority are paints, metallic deposits and coatings for stray light reduction) - Metallic coatings for other applications (RF, electrical, corrosion protection) This standard covers testing for both ground and in-orbit phases of a space mission, mainly for satellite applications. This standard applies to coatings within off the shelf items This standard specifies the types of test to be performed for each class of coating, covering the different phases of a space project (evaluation, qualification and acceptance) This standard does not cover: - The particular qualification requirements for a specific mission - Specific applications of coatings for launchers (e.g. high temperature coatings) - Specific functional testing requirements for the different coating classes - Test requirements for long term storage - Solar cell cover glass coatings - Surface treatments and conformal coatings applied on EEE parts

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