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Medizinische Informatik - Kommunikation von Patientendaten in elektronischer Form - Teil 3: Referenzarchetypen und Begriffslisten (ISO/DIS 13606-3:2017)

ÖNORM EN ISO 13606-3: 2017 05 15

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This Standard specifies a means for communicating part or all of the electronic health record (EHR) of one or more identified subjects of care between EHR systems, or between EHR systems and a centralised EHR data repository. It may also be used for EHR communication between an EHR system or repository and clinical applications or middleware components (such as decision support components) that need to access or provide EHR data, or as the representation of EHR data within a distributed (federated) record system. This standard, Part 3 of the 13606 EHR Communications Standard Series, defines term lists that each specify the set of values that particular attributes of the Reference Model defined in Part 1 of this series may take. It also defines normative and informative Reference Archetypes that enable frequently-occurring instances of EHR data to be represented within a consistent structure when communicated using this standard.


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