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Öffentlicher Verkehr - Diensteschnittstelle für den Echtzeitaustausch von Betriebsinformationen des ÖPNV (SIRI) - Teil 5: Funktionelle Serviceschnittstelle: Situativer Austausch (CEN/TS 15531-5:2016)

ONR CEN/TS 15531-5: 2016 06 15


The SIRI Situation Exchange service (SIRI-SX) allows the efficient exchange of data about Situations caused by planned and unplanned incidents and events and is intended to support the use cases identified in Annex C. Situations are actual or potential perturbations to normal operation of a transport network. The SIRI-SX service uses the common SIRI communication framework and services which are described in EN 15531-1 and EN 15531-2 and not repeated in this document. The Situation Exchange service has a rich Situation model, allowing a structured description of all aspects of multimodal travel Situations, including cause, scope, effect and rules for distribution to an audience. The structured values enabling computer based distribution through a wide variety of channels, and the presentation of data in different formats for different device and different audiences. The Situation Exchange Service allows the exchange of incident and event information between, amongst others: — Control centres; — Operations Staff; — Public Information systems; — Alert systems and personalised alert systems; — UTMC systems; — Journey planners; — AVMS (Automatic Vehicle Management Systems). SIRI-SX uses a network model based on the CEN Transmodel conceptual model for Public Transport networks, schedules and operations, along with the CEN Identification of Fixed Objects in Public Transport (IFOPT) model for describing physical transport interchanges.


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