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Elektrowärmeanlagen und Anlagen für elektromagnetische Bearbeitungsprozesse – Allgemeine Funktions-Prüfverfahren (IEC 60398:2015) (englische Fassung)

ÖVE/ÖNORM EN 60398: 2016 03 01


This International Standard specifies the basic test procedures, conditions and methods for establishing the main performance parameters and the main operational characteristics of industrial installations and equipment intended for electroheating (EH) or electromagnetic processing of materials (EPM). Measurements and tests that are solely used for the verification of safety requirements of equipment for EH or for EPM are outside the scope of this standard and are covered by the IEC 60519 series. This standard is applicable for the commissioning, verification of design improvements or for energy related tasks including benchmarking with respect to energy use or energy efficiency, establishing of an energy baseline, and labelling. Some concepts from this standard can directly be used as key performance indicators. Detailed tests for specific types of EH or EPM equipment and installations are beyond the scope of this standard and are provided in particular test standards for EH or EPM equipment. This standard is intended as general reference for all future test standards applicable to particular EH or EPM equipment or installations. This standard includes the concept and material presented in IEC TS 62796 on energy efficiency dealing with the electrical and processing parts of the equipment, as well as the overall performance.

Produkttyp: Norm
Seiten: 46
Sprache: E
ICS Gruppen: 25.180.10
Fachgebiet(e): Maschinen- & Anlagenbau, Industrieöfen. Wärmebehandlung, Elektroöfen
Herausgeber: ON

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