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Elektronische Gebührenerhebung - Informationsaustausch zwischen Dienstleistern und Gebühreneinzugsunternehmen (ISO 12855:2015)

ÖNORM EN ISO 12855: 2016 03 01


This International Standard specifies - the interfaces between electronic fee collection (EFC) systems for vehicle related transport services, e.g. road user charging, parking and access control; it does not cover interfaces for EFC systems for public transport; an EFC system can include any EFC system, e.g. including systems that automatically read licence plate numbers of vehicles passing a toll point, - an exchange of information between the central equipment of the two roles of service provision and toll charging, e.g. - charging related data (toll declarations, billing details), - administrative data, and - confirmation data, - transfer mechanisms and supporting functions, - information objects, data syntax and semantics, - examples of data interchanges, and - an example on how to use this International Standard for the European Electronic Tolling Service (EETS). This International Standard is applicable for any toll service and any technology used for charging. It is defined as a toolbox standard of transactions and Application Protocol Data Units (APDUs), which can be used for the assigned purpose. The detailed definitions of mandatory and optional elements in a real implementation are defined elsewhere. It does not define all communication sequences, communication stacks and timings. This International Standard is not applicable to - any communication between Toll Charger (TC) or Toll Service Provider (TSP) with any other involved party, - any communication between elements of the TC and the TSP that is not part of the back office communication, - processes regarding payments and exchanges of fiscal, commercial or legal accounting documents, and - definitions of service communication channels, protocols and service primitives to transfer the APDUs.


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