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Environmental Engineering (EE) - Earthing and bonding of ICT equipment powered by -48 VDC in telecom and data centres (ETSI EN 300 253 V2.2.1 (2015-06))

ÖVE/ÖNORM EN 300253 V2.2.1: 2015 08 01


The present document applies to earthing and bonding of ICT equipment operating with DC voltage defined in ETSI EN 300 132-2 [i.9], in order to facilitate the installation, operation and maintenance of equipment. It also co-ordinates with the pre-conditions of the installation to achieve the following targets: - safety from electrical hazards; - reliable signal reference; - satisfactory Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) performance. The specification of ICT equipment and of the pre-conditions of installation are subject to agreement of the parties (e.g. the supplier and the purchaser) and the procedure to achieve agreement is covered by annex A of the present document. The present document does not cover safety and EMC aspects of the equipment. Those aspects are covered by other relevant standards. The present document does not apply to the installation of ICT equipment in locations other than telecommunication and data centres, e.g. ICT equipment within a customer's building, including subscriber line termination.

Produkttyp: Norm
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Sprache: E
ICS Gruppen: 33.040.30
Fachgebiet(e): IT, Kommunikation & Elektronik, Telekommunikationssysteme, Schaltsysteme. Signalsysteme
Herausgeber: ON

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