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Thermoplastische Rohrleitungs- und Schutzrohr-Systeme - Systeme außerhalb der Gebäudestruktur zum Transport von Wasser oder Abwasser - Verfahren zur unterirdischen Verlegung

ONR CEN/TR 1046: 2014 03 15


This Technical Report is applicable to the installation of thermoplastics piping systems to be used for the conveyance of water or sewage under gravity and pressure conditions underground. It is intended to be used for pipes of nominal size up to and including DN 1600. Wherever the term “pipe” is used in this Technical Report, it also serves to cover any “fittings”, “ancillary” products and “components” if not otherwise specified. a) any special transportation requirements (see 5.2); b) maximum storage height (see 5.2 and 5.4); c) maximum storage period in direct sunlight (see 5.4); d) any climatic conditions requiring special storage (see 5.4); e) limiting initial and/or long-term deflections (see 6.1.1 and 6.1.2); f) information on mole ploughing and boring (see and 6.2), if applicable; g) selection of appropriate jointing system (see Clause 7); h) recommended radii of curvature for cold bending (see 8.1); i) permitted rates of loss of water under test (see 9.2.1); j) if applicable the relationship between SDR and stiffness. Requirements and instructions concerning commissioning of systems can be found in EN 805 and EN 1610 and the relevant national and/or local regulations.


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