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Methode zur Leistungsermittlung von Medien und Vorrichtungen zur Reinigung der Gasphase für die allgemeine Lüftung - Teil 1: Medien zur Reinigung der Gasphase (ISO/DIS 10121-1:2012)

ÖNORM EN ISO 10121-1: 2012 08 15

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This standard aims to provide an objective laboratory test method, a suggested apparatus, normative test sections and normative tests for evaluation of three different gas phase air cleaning media (GPACM) or GPACM configurations for use in gas-phase air cleaning devices intended for general filtration applications. The standard is specifically intended for challenge testing and not for general material evaluation or pore system characterisation. The three different types of GPACM identified in this standard are GPACM-LF (particles of different shape and size intended for e.g. Loose Fill applications), GPACM-FL (FLat sheet fabric intended for e.g. flat one layer, pleated or bag type devices) and GPACM-TS (three dimensional structures that are many times thicker than flat sheet and e.g. used as finished elements in a device). The tests are conducted in an air stream and the GPACM configurations are challenged with test gases under steady-state conditions. Since elevated gas challenge concentrations (relative to general ventilation applications) are used, test data should be used to compare GPACM within the same configuration and not for the purpose of predicting performance in a real situation. It is also not implied that different GPACM configurations can be directly compared. The primary intention is to be able to compare like GPACM configurations to like, not between GPACM configurations. Testing of complete devices is described in ISO/FDIS 10121-2. To ensure objectivity for test equipment suppliers no specific design of the test apparatus will be normative. Instead normative demands for media sample holder design, apparatus properties and validation tests will be specified.


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