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Eurocode 3 - Bemessung und Konstruktion von Stahlbauten - Teil 1-6: Festigkeit und Stabilität von Schalen (konsolidierte Fassung)

ÖNORM EN 1993-1-6: 2012 06 15

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ÖNORM EN 1993-1-6 gives design requirements of stiffened and unstiffened plates which are subject to in-plane forces. This Standard defines the characteristic values of the resistance of the structure. For the partial factors for resistance to be used in the verification expressions, see ÖNORM EN 1993-1-1. This Standard is concerned with the requirements for design against the ultimate limit states of: plastic limit; cyclic plasticity; buckling; fatigue. The provisions in this Standard apply to axisymmetric shells and associated circular or annular plates and beam section rings and stringer stiffeners where they form part of the complete structure. The following shell forms are covered: cylinders, cones and spherical caps. This ÖNORM is intended for application to structural engineering steel shell structures. However, its provisions can be applied to other metallic shells provided that the appropriate material properties are duly taken into account. The provisions of this Standard are intended to be applied within the temperature range defined in the relevant ÖNORM EN 1993 application parts. The maximum temperature is restricted so that the influence of creep can be neglected if high temperature creep effects are not covered by the relevant application part. The provision of this Standard apply to structural design under actions that can be treated as quasi-static in nature. This Standard does not cover the aspects of leakage of contents.


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