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Eurocode 3 - Bemessung und Konstruktion von Stahlbauten - Teil 4-1: Silos (konsolidierte Fassung)

ÖNORM EN 1993-4-1: 2010 06 01

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Part 4-1 of Eurocode 3 provides principles and application rules for the structural design of steel silos of circular or rectangular plan-form, being free standing or supported. This part is concerned only with the requirements for resistance and stability of steel silos. For other requirements (such as operational safety, functional performance, fabrication and erection, quality control, details like man-holes, flanges, filling devices, outlet gates and feeders, etc.), see the relevant standards. Provisions relating to special requirements of seismic design are provided in ÖNORM EN 1998-4, which complements or adapts the provisions of Eurocode 3 specifically for this purpose. The design of supporting structures for the silo are dealt with in ÖNORM EN 1993-1-1. The supporting structure is deemed to consist of all structural elements beneath the bottom flange of the lowest ring of the silo, see figure 1.1. Foundations in reinforced concrete for steel silos are dealt with in ÖNORM EN 1992 and ÖNORM EN 1997. Numerical values of the specific actions on steel silos to be taken into account in the design are given in ÖNORM EN 1991-4 Actions in Silos and Tanks. The circular planform silos covered by this Prestandard are restricted to axisymmetric structures, but the actions on them may be unsymmetrical, and their supports may induce forces in the silo that are not axisymmetrical.

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