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Straßenverkehrstelematik - Elektronische Gebührenerfassung (EFC) - Anforderungen an die EFC-Schnittstelle für Fahrzeug-Baken-Kommunikation (ISO/DIS 14906:2008)

ÖNORM EN ISO 14906: 2009 01 01

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This document specifies the application interface in the context of Electronic Fee Collection (EFC) systems using the Dedicated Short-Range Communication (DSRC). The EFC application interface is the EFC application process interface to the DSRC Application Layer, as can be seen in Figure 1 below. The scope of this document comprises specifications of: ¿ EFC attributes (i.e. EFC application information); ¿ the addressing procedures of EFC attributes and (hardware) components (e.g. ICC and MMI); ¿ EFC application functions, i.e. further qualification of actions by definitions of the concerned services, assignment of associated ActionType values and content and meaning of action parameters; ¿ the EFC transaction model, which defines the common elements and steps of any EFC transaction; ¿ the behaviour of the interface so as to ensure interoperability on an EFC-DSRC application interface level.


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