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Rolling bearings TC 4 meets GPS TC 213 - Proceedings of Vienna 2008-09-09 Symposium / ISBN 978-3-85402-167-4

ON-V 41: 2008


Rolling bearing manufacturer generate more and more inconsistent specifications, i. e. the surrounding geometry and supplied parts are specified with GPS indications, but the internal geometry and the main dimensions are specified according to "classical" rolling bearing standards. Additional specifications include the right indications for measuring equipment and simulation tools. This was brought up to the ISO/TC 4 meeting June 2007 in Paris. There it was agreed that the possible use of the Geometrical Product Specification (GPS) system in ISO/TC 4 standards shall be investigated and a respective Working Group ISO/TC 4/WG 17 was established. The first meeting of WG 17 was held in January 2008 with participants from the major players of rolling bearing industry. The outcome of the working group will be presented to the next ISO/TC 4 plenary meeting June 2009 and it will be interesting if the concerned rolling bearing standards will be changed accordingly. The concept for the symposium Rolling bearingsTC 4 meets GPSTC 213 was to support ISO/TC 4/WG 17, i. e. the GPS knowledge and approach of the rolling bearing specialists shall be improved and the state of the art on measuring technique, simulation tools and science shall be communicated. Additionally it was an initial event for coordination and cooperation in between TC 4 and TC 213.

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Suchbegriffe: Rolling bearings , ISO/TC 4 , ISO 1132 , Geometrical Product Specifications , ISO/TC 213 , ISO 1101 , Tolerances

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