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Lüftung von Nichtwohngebäuden - Allgemeine Grundlagen und Anforderungen für Lüftungs- und Klimaanlagen und Raumkühlsysteme

ÖNORM EN 13779: 2008 01 01

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This document applies to the design of ventilation and room conditioning systems for non-residential buildings subject to human occupancy, excluding applications like industrial processes. It focuses on the definitions of the various parameters that are relevant for such systems. Applications for residential ventilation are not dealt with in this standard. Performance of ventilation systems in residential buildings are dealt with in prEN 14788. The classification uses different categories. For some values, examples are given and, for requirements, typical ranges with default values are presented. The default values given in this document are not normative as such, and should be used where no other values are specified. Classification should always be appropriate to the type of building and its intended use, and the basis of the classification should be explained if the examples given in the standard are not to be used. National regulations shall always be followed, even when they are out of the range given in this document.


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