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Festlegungen für Flüssiggasgeräte - Tragbare, mit Dampfdruck betriebene Flüssiggasgeräte

ÖNORM EN 521: 2005 09 01

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This Standard specifies the construction and performance characteristics related to safety and the rational use of energy of portable appliances burning liquefied petroleum gases at the vapour pressure within the gas container. It also defines test methods and the requirements for marking and the information to be given in the instructions. NOTE These appliances are referred to in the body of the text as "appliances". This Standard applies to various types of portable appliances burning liquefied petroleum gases at vapour pressure and designed to be used with (non refillable) cartridges as complying with EN 417 or any types of gas cylinders other than cartridges. This Standard does not cover barbecues which can be used indoors. This Standard only applies to appliances with a maximum heat input of up to 3 kW (Hs) for outdoor use only. The requirements apply to these appliances or their functional sections whether or not the latter are independent or incorporated into an assembly. This Standard only applies to type examination.


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